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Fluorescent Materials

Technology developed from the manufacturing of fluorite lenses for cameras was applied to develop fluorescent materials with fluorite (CaF2) as the main component. This material offers a wealth of color variations, such as a fluorescent material that emits one of two colors depending on the light source.
Unlike organic fluorescent materials, regardless of the UV light exposure this material experiences almost no drop-off in emission intensity and its color remains constant even when under UV light for extended periods. These properties make the material suitable for use in many applications where conventional materials do not perform well.

 Some of the many possible applications include ornaments and anti-counterfeiting.


  • Single color FLUOBRIGHT

This material emits just one color under UV exposure, meaning there is no color change when the stimulating wavelength is changed.



  • Dual color FLUOBRIGHT

The materials emit different colors when excited at around 365 nm, which is the typical wavelength of UV light and when excited at around 255 nm, the wavelength used for sterilization and other applications.
Because of the material’s stable color and emission intensity, it can be used to detect imitations as a means to stop counterfeiting.




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