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Voss electronic GmbH

Business Activities & Products

Since 1984 Voss electronic GmbH offers a large portfolio of equipment, materials and consumables for the Semiconductor- and other “High Tech”- Industries. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest Cost of Ownership. All our employees are “seasoned” Semiconductor specialist thus, we understand the needs of our customers and can assist in finding the most suitable solution.

In cooperation with our suppliers and customers we continuously improve our existing products and develop new solutions for future technology nodes. Also, we can modify our products to meet special requirements.


Our product line consists of three major sections:


Ultrasonic-/Megasonic- Cleaning Modules
Solar Wafer Separator and Cleaner
Drying-Modules (Spin Dryer, IPA-Vapor-Dryer)
Solar Simulators for Solar Cells and Modules
MO-CVD Systems
AP-CVD Systems
Pellicle Mounting Tools
Photo Mask Cleaning Equipment

Fluid Management Products

Ultra pure chemical valves
High performance / ultra fast in-line temperature sensor  
Pressur Control valves HICV
Valves for Medical and Analytical Applications
Chemical Mixing Systems
Slurry Delivery Systems
Diaphragm Pumps
Static Mixers
Flow Controllers
Flowmeters (Ultrasonic, Vortex and others)
Ultra-sonic Level Meters

Consumables / Materials

Parts for OEM Equipment
Optical Crystals, Evaporation and Coating Materials, Fluorescent Materials
Quartz Part Repair Service
Custom Made Quartz Parts
Pellicles for mask/reticles
Plasma etch electrodes
Silicon Seeds


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