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Evaporation and Coating Materials

1. Hydrophilic Coating: PHILICFINE HP

  1. The calcium phosphate coating materials can provide a clear.
    They exhibit hydrophilic performance in dark places or outdoors where photocatalysts used as general hydrophilic coating materials are disadvantageous.
  2. Three variants are available: HP-1, HP-2 and HP-3



2. Super Hydrophobic Coating: SURFACECLEAR100

  1. This fluorine coating material makes it easier to remove water and oily residues. It is extremely durable and meets the world’s highest abrasion resistance standards.
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3. Antistatic Coating: LUMILEAD TNO

  1.  Anti-static property prevents dust and pollen adhesion


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4. Gas-barrier Coating: LUMILEAD SiO

  1. This material reduces splashes during evaporation.
    It lessens the occurrence of pinholes and adhesion of foreign matter caused by splashes and provides excellent gas-barrier performance. Effective in preventing film cracking and peeling.


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