Vosselectronic GmbH

Solar Cell I-V measuring System for Solar Simulator


Customer who use the I-V measuring System has follow Cell type applications:

monocrystalline-cell; multicrystalline-cell; CIG-; CIS-;a-Si;µ-Si;CdTe-;multi layer;Tandem-cell and thin film applications


We can offer from our European Partner a high precission  I-V-Test system with :

  • high precision thermo-modules system for  cooling and Heating
  • high precision contact probe
  • high precision vacum contact chuck
    • high precision and fast I-V measurement electronic /
      software for critical parameters like:

      -short circuit current ( Isc)
      -current density (Jsc)
      -open circuit voltage (Voc)
      -fill factor (ff)
      -maximum output power (Pmax)
      -cell efficiency
      -and other standard Photovoltaic cell parameter




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