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Calcium Flouride (CaF2) optical crystals

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Fluorite has a wide transmittance wavelength region, and has the properties of low refraction, low dispersion, and anomalous partial dispersion. Because of these characteristics, fluorite is used in various products, ranging from a super achromatic (apochromat) telephoto lens that completely eliminates the secondary color aberration to a zoom lens, television camera, and astronomical telescope. UV grade is available, which is excellent in transmittance in the vacuum ultraviolet region.



Barium Flouride (BaF2) optical crystals

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Barium fluoride exhibits a wide transmittance wavelength range of up to 13 μm in the infrared region, the widest among fluorides. Due to this property, barium fluoride is commonly used for optical materials used in analysis devices that employ infrared waves as well as high power infrared lasers.





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