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NEW : HelioCal™ made by Voss electronic GmbH
Homogeneity (Non-Uniformity Tester ; Uniformity Mapper) for verification, calibration
and Xenon / Halogen lamp adjustment tool for:  

        • Solar Simulators

        • Xe Lamp adjustment

        • QA homogeneity data documentation

        • I-V testing Light source

        • Light intensity measurement

          pdfE HelioCal Flyer  

          pdfJ HelioCal Flyer

          **Test Systems upon request**    



  • Multi channel light measurement system, featuring 13 calibrated wide band sensors, thermally optimized

  • Capable to measure from UV to IR (100nm - > 2µm)

  • Capable to measure light intensity  300 W/m²  - 1500 W/m²

  • Real-time, multi-channel controller for parallel data processing of all 13 light sensors

  • High accuracy, high repetition rate measurement 

  • USB connection to a Laptop / Desktop PC

  • Indication lamps for Run, Power and connection status

  • Included Software provides all relevant data (itensity, homogeneity, spectral balance of Halogen and Xenon Lamp and individual channel data)

  • Standard measurment sizes 100mm x 100mm; 156mm x 156mm and 210mm x 210mm ( other sizes upon request)

  • No external cooling / cooling chuck required

  • CE certified, compact housing, light weight, power supply via USB port

  • Operate under Widows™ : XP™ ; Vista™ and Windows 7™ other Computer Operating Software upon request

  • Easy software installation  

  • Storage / transportation case, Manual, USB cable, Software, Safety Glasses-Smoke Lens are  included

  • Made in Germany    



  • Rapid optics adjustment after lamp replacement ( single Xe lamp light source or WACOM Electric dual lamp ( Halogen and Xenon Lamp combination) light sources

  • Non-Uniformity Tester for Solar Simulator

  • Improves light source homogeneity

  • Verification of light intensity

  • Easy Xenon / Halogen lamp balance adjustment

  • Quick light source check (QA) for intensity, homogeneity and spectral balance

  • Reduction of adjustment error, measurement traceability

  • Laptop or desktop operation possible

  • Easy Dataexport and  easy Data Print out 

  • No external power supply required

  • No external cooling required


Standard Effective irradiated measurement  and Calibration sizes:

  • HelioCal™- CL100 Effective irradiated measurement area: 100mm x 100mm

  • HelioCal™- CL156 Effective irradiated measurement area: 156mm x 156mm

  • HelioCal™- CL210 Effective irradiated measurement area: 210mm x 210mm

  • Other sizes upon request


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Tel: +49 (0) 89-2011 177, Fax: +49 (0) 89-2012 877, Email: service@vosselectronic.de

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