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NEW: HelioCalTM  CL-S  made by Voss electronic GmbH  


HelioCalTM  CL-S


Calibrated Light Intensity Sensor
for Solar Simulators other Solar Applications

        • Solar Simulators

        • Xe Lamp adjustment

        • QA homogeneity data documentation

        • I-V testing Light source

        • Light intensity measurement

HelioCal-Rahmen-7    HelioCal-Rahmen-8

pdfE HelioCal Flyer.

**Test Sensor upon request**    


Calibrated wide band sensors mV/(W/m²)

Capable to measure from UV to IR (100nm - > 2µm), up to 1,500 W/m2

High accuracy, high repetition rate measurement

Excellent long-term stability

Wide measurement range from 100W/m² up to 1,500 W/m2

Special thermally optimized housing, no external cooling!!

High level of measurement precision with reasonable pricing

Integrated 50cm Cable with standard 4mm connector

Active sensor area size 3 x 3mm

Operating temperature 10°C – 50°C

Potential free housing

CE certified, compact, light weight

Dimension 48x41,5x17 mm , weight: 70g

Storage / transportation case included

Made in Germany    



  • üHigh precision measurement with attractive pricing


    üCalibrated against WRR Reference Thermopile


    üLow re-calibration cost


    üMechanically robust housing


    ü50 cm connection cable with robust 4mm standard connectors


    üVerification of light intensity


    üEasy Xenon / halogen lamp balance adjustment


    üQuick light source check (QA) for intensity


    üNo external cooling required





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