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1 Lamp ( Xenon ) Solar Simulator System Class AAA

DC Xenon Lamp continuous Light system


Customer who use this Simulator type has follow Cell type applications:

monocrystalline-cell; multicrystalline-cell; Organic-Cell and more

Solar-Simulator-Basic-Video  Simulator-video-1Lamp


AM1.5G Spectrum of a WACOM WXS-155S-10 (Xenon Lamp) Solar Simulator:

 WACOM 1 Lamp Spektrum Solar Simulator

WACOM 1 Lamp system Solar Simulator 

WACOM 1 Lamp system Solar Simulator 


Cell sizes: 90mm x 90mm / 500W WACOM Xenon Lamp


WACOM WXS-90S Solar Simulator 


WACOM WXS-155S-10 AM1.5G
Cell sizes: 155mm x 155mm  / 1000W WACOM Xenon Lamp

WACOM-WXS-155S-10  Solar Simulator   

WACOM WXS-210S-20 AM1.5G
Cell sizes: 210mm x 210mm / 2000W WACOM Xenon Lamp

 WACOM WXS-210S Solar Simulator   

WACOM WXS-300S-50 AM1.5G
Cell sizes: 300mm x 300mm / 5000W WACOM Xenon Lamp

WACOM WXS-300S Solar Simulator

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